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Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Travel without regret, do not look back.

4 March 1988
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I'm Alyssa, a 19-year-old lover of nature, books, video games, music, Halloween, horror movies, Tim Burton, animals, and so much more. I’m quiet and soft-spoken, I think too much, and I’m an escapist. I'm currently working as a secretary of sorts, and I plan to attend college this spring in hopes of eventually earning my master's degree and becoming a librarian. I have an amazing family who I love very much and a wonderful, beautiful boyfriend named Adam. Anything else you want to know, you can learn from reading my journal.

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80s, 90s, adult swim, alice in wonderland, animals, art, arthurian legend, autumn, baking, batman, battlestar galactica, books, bpal, burt's bees, calvin and hobbes, candles, castlevania, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cillian murphy, comics, cooking, corpse bride, crafts, danny elfman, david bowie, david eddings, david gray, dinosaurs, disgaea, disney, drawing, drew barrymore, edgar allen poe, edward scissorhands, elves, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, final fantasy, fruits basket, futurama, garth nix, get fuzzy, ghost stories, gnomes, gothic, halloween, harry potter, herbs, his dark materials, horror, imogen heap, jane austen, john william waterhouse, john williams, johnny depp, jurassic park, kate winslet, kingdom hearts, kissing, labyrinth, lacuna coil, legend, legend of mana, literature, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, love, luis royo, magic, martial arts, michael crichton, moulin rouge, movies, museums, music, my little pony, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nintendo, orson scott card, paganism, painting, paranormal, peach girl, pillows, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poe, practical magic, pride and prejudice, reading, resident evil, robert mccammon, robin mckinley, runes, sandman, sandra bullock, sci-fi, science fiction, seiken densetsu, sex, shadow hearts, shaun of the dead, silent hill, siouxsie and the banshees, skies of arcadia, sleeping, sleepy hollow, spiderman, spookiness, star wars, stargate sg-1, stephen king, stephenie meyer, super mario brothers, tales of symphonia, the hobbit, the last unicorn, the legend of zelda, the princess bride, the simpsons, thrifting, tim burton, tolkien, tori amos, type o negative, unreal tournament, ursula k. le guin, vampires, vegetarianism, video games, vincent price, vintage clothes, washington irving, wicca, witchcraft, witches, within temptation, x-files, xena, xena: warrior princess, yoshitaka amano, zombies